The queries in a team project are organized in folders.

A sample structure of queries and folders might appear as shown here.

  • My Queries
  • Shared Queries
    • Feedback (Query)
      • Current Sprint
        • Blocked Tasks (Query)
        • Open Impediments (Query)
        • Test Cases (Query)
        • Unfinished Work (Query)
        • Work in Progress (Query)



Creates a query, or moves a query.

Learn more about Work Item Query Language (WIQL) syntax here.


Delete a query or a folder. This deletes any permission change on the deleted query or folder and any of its descendants if it is a folder. It is important to n...


Retrieves an individual query and its children

Get Queries Batch

Gets a list of queries by ids (Maximum 1000)


Gets the root queries and their children

Search Queries

Searches all queries the user has access to in the current project


Update a query or a folder. This allows you to update, rename and move queries and folders.