FastTrack Center Benefit for Microsoft 365

What is FastTrack for Microsoft 365?

FastTrack is a benefit designed to help you deploy Microsoft 365 (included in eligible subscriptions) at no additional cost. You can use FastTrack services with a new or existing qualifying subscription.

All FastTrack guidance is provided to you or your representative remotely using a combination of tools and published documentation. FastTrack personnel cannot act on your behalf but instead provide you with a combination of verbal and written assistance and best practices to help you successfully enable your eligible services and allow your users to take full advantage of your Microsoft 365 purchase.

As previously mentioned, FastTrack Specialists work with you remotely. They strive to understand your plans and uses for the eligible Microsoft products you’ve purchased and provide you with a recommended approach tailored to your environment that helps you achieve your goals. FastTrack Specialists can include Microsoft employees, Microsoft-approved vendors, and Microsoft-approved partners.

FastTrack offers assistance in the following languages: Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese (resources speak Mandarin only), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.


Since FastTrack guidance is tailored to you and your environment, your experience may be impacted if you choose to deploy outside of this guidance.

How to use this service description

The FastTrack service description is designed to help business stakeholders and IT teams understand the FastTrack benefit and answer key questions, including: What purchases are eligible? How to get help? What can I expect of FastTrack? What obligations do I have? How does the engagement work? What about data migration?

To facilitate this, it’s broken into four sections:

  • Eligibility – Understand if your purchase is eligible for FastTrack assistance and identify the Microsoft 365 services covered by FastTrack Specialists.

  • Process and Expectations – Learn how to engage FastTrack for assistance, get an overview of how that assistance is provided, receive tips for a successful experience, and understand key responsibilities of both FastTrack and your company.

  • Products and Capabilities – Obtain more details on the specific guidance FastTrack provides for each Microsoft 365 product or capability and our expectations for your source environment prior to the start of that work.

  • Data Migration – Understand the type of data FastTrack will migrate into your Microsoft 365 environment and specifics around the process and limitations.