Move files to SharePoint

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After you sign up for Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you'll want to copy your company work files to SharePoint. SharePoint is a good place to store shared company files that everyone needs access to. This typically replaces the use of a file share or network drive.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams, and then open a team that everyone in your business has access to.
  2. Select Files , and then select Open in SharePoint from the ellipsis.
  3. Select Documents to go to the location where everything is stored on the site.
  4. Select Sync , and then select Yes. This synchronizes the files of the SharePoint site to your computer.
  5. In File Explorer, you see the synced documents folder from your company's SharePoint site. If you synchronize more SharePoint sites, they show up above or below this one. Right-click the synced documents folder, and open it in a new window to see it side by side with the company files you want to move.
  6. Select all the files you want to move, and then drag them to your synced SharePoint folder. Blue circular arrows beside your files mean that they're syncing to the SharePoint site. When they finish syncing, green check marks are displayed.
  7. Return to your SharePoint site to see the files that synced to the cloud.

In addition to working on your files directly from your computer, you can access them in a web browser on any computer.

You can now access your files from your SharePoint site or Teams.