Global Address List Synchronization Walkthrough

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 with SP1

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In This Walkthrough

This walkthrough demonstrates an implementation of the Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) 2003 global address list synchronization solution between two forests. You create the two Active Directory forests, install Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, create a global address list (GAL) for each forest, and then use MIIS 2003 to create a GAL synchronization infrastructure to synchronize the global address lists between the two forests.

Specifically, you perform the following tasks to implement the MIIS 2003 GAL synchronization solution for this walkthrough:

  • Review the Active Directory® directory service forest design.

  • Set up the lab environment, where you install and configure Active Directory and Exchange Server 2003.

  • Create two instances of the management agent for Active Directory global address list (GAL). The metaverse schema is extended when you create the first management agent.

  • Run the management agents.

  • Administer the GAL synchronization infrastructure.

The goal of a GAL synchronization solution is to synchronize users, groups, and contacts from one forest with contact objects in another forest. This walkthrough provides step-by-step procedures to demonstrate a GAL synchronization solution between two fictitious organizations.

Before you set up a GAL synchronization solution in your own environment, read Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Global Address List (GAL) Synchronization. That document outlines the design of the GAL synchronization solution, including the rules and preconfigured values of the management agent for Active Directory global address list (GAL), and the deployment and extension of a GAL synchronization infrastructure.

What This Walkthrough Covers

This document is intended to discuss the basic steps required to synchronize global address list data between two forests by using MIIS 2003. The goal is to present a rudimentary scenario to help new users get acquainted with how the GAL data flows through MIIS.

This walkthrough includes the following topics:

  1. Scenario Design

  2. Lab Setup

  3. Implementation Steps

  4. Administering MIIS 2003 Infrastructure

The following topics are not discussed in this document:

  • Precedence

  • Deprovisioning and Object Deletion

Prerequisite Knowledge

Following are some suggestions regarding the intended audience and time required to complete this walkthrough.


This walkthrough is intended for administrators who are familiar with the use of a global address list and are familiar with using MIIS 2003 to synchronize multiple data sources. A working knowledge of installing and configuring management agents in MIIS 2003 is helpful but not required because the necessary procedures are included in this walkthrough.

The user who sets up and performs the procedures in this walkthrough must be able to install, configure, and perform basic administrative tasks for:

  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition

  • Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003

  • Active Directory

  • Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000

  • Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003

GAL synchronization can be performed by using either Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 or Identity Integration Feature Pack (IIFP) for Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory.

Time Requirements

After the initial lab setup, the procedures in this walkthrough can be completed in approximately two hours.

Additional Resources

For more information about designing and planning a GAL Synchronization solution using MIIS 2003, see Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Global Address List Synchronization (

Complete documentation is available for MIIS 2003 at the MIIS Technical Resources Web site (