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Enroll Surface Hub into MDM management

You can enroll Surface into Microsoft Intune or other MDM provider via manual or auto enrollment.

Manual enrollment

  1. Open the Settings app and sign in as a local administrator. Select Surface Hub > Device management and then select +Device management.
  2. You will be prompted to sign in with the account to use for your MDM provider. After authenticating, the device automatically enrolls with your MDM provider.


If you’re using Intune and the server address is not detected, enter


MDM enrollment uses the account details provided for authentication. The account must have permissions to enroll a Windows device as well as an Intune license (or the equivalent enrollment promissions configured in your third-party MDM provider).

Auto Enrollment — Microsoft Entra affiliated

During the initial setup process, when affiliating Surface Hub with a Microsoft Entra tenant that has Intune auto enrollment enabled, the device will automatically enroll with Intune. To learn more, refer to Intune enrollment methods for Windows devices. Microsoft Entra affiliation and Intune auto enrollment are required for the Surface Hub to be a "compliant device" in Intune.

Manage Surface Hub via MDM