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Surface Hub site planning

Designed for team collaboration, Surface Hub can transform how you work — not only in the conference rooms but any place you want to work. One of the most significant advantages of Surface Hub 3 or Surface Hub 2S is the ability to move it from one space to another when used with the Steelcase Roam mobile stand and mobile battery. Surface Hub can be integrated into almost any workspace by providing unplugged, uninterrupted teamwork capabilities.

Room considerations

Designed for interactive use in smaller conference rooms and huddle spaces, Surface Hub 3 provides a 4K camera, microphone array, crystal clear speakers, and a brilliant 4K+ resolution display. Optimizing the user experience in larger spaces with more people further away from the display may require peripherals such as an extra camera, microphone, or room systems solution such as Microsoft Teams Rooms.

As a general guideline, install Surface Hub 3 or Surface Hub 2S in a space that meets the following criteria:

  • People can reach all four edges of the touchscreen.
  • The screen isn't in direct sunlight, which could affect viewing or damage the screen.
  • Ventilation openings aren't blocked.
  • Microphones aren't affected by noise sources, such as fans or vents.
  • Space is well-lit with no reflective sources.

Whether mounted to a wall or installed on the mobile stand, the areas where you use the device should maintain:

  • Room temperatures no cooler than 10°C (50° F) and no hotter than 35°C (95° F).
  • Relative humidity no lower than 20 percent and no higher than 80 percent.

For detailed room planning guidance and more information about Microsoft Teams Rooms, see Plan Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Managing Surface Hub location

If you plan to use Surface Hub 3 or Surface Hub 2S on a mobile stand, you may wish to explore third-party solutions that enable location services. For example, active RFID systems can provide real-time tracking throughout complex office or industrial spaces. For more information, see your A/V provider or other third-party expertise for guidance.

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