BizTalk Server 2016: What's New, and Installation

Get started with BizTalk Server 2016

With BizTalk Server 2016, you can expect closer integration with Azure using the new Logic Apps adapter, and connect to Azure resources using the File and WCF-SQL adapters.

One of the biggest changes is support for SQL Server 2016 AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AG). This support covers using BizTalk Server on-premises, and using BizTalk Server Azure virtual machines. With AlwaysOn, you can now have a highly-available solution using Azure virtual machines.

There have also been updates to SHA-2 support, import and export binding options for parties, Administration console improvements, and much much more.

In this BizTalk Server 2016 set of topics, we focus on the specific documentation for BizTalk Server 2016, including what's changed, and the installation. So, if you want to read about high availability, monitoring your BIzTalk environment, and more, then go to the BizTalk Server core documentation. If you want to configure BizTalk Server, then go Configure BizTalk Server. If you want to read about what's new, and install BizTalk Server 2016, then get started with the following links:

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Configure BizTalk Server

Configure BizTalk Server in a Cluster

Post-configuration steps to optimize your environment

Import and Export BizTalk Server Configuration

Consolidate the BizTalk Server Databases

Working with the Configuration Framework

Securing Your BizTalk Server Deployment

Uninstall and unconfigure BizTalk Server to remove it