Displaying queue statistics in your title

Titles may sometimes wish to show how active their queues are, in an effort to set user expectations for wait times. They may retrieve these statistics and display them directly to the user, or perhaps retrieve these statistics from a server to display or collect approximated telemetry as they wish. This tutorial shows the steps for retrieving these statistics from matchmaking.

Configure your queue

First, decide if you should configure your queue to allow statistics to be retrieved by users. Servers may always retrieve statistics for each queue. Users may retrieve statistics only if the queue configuration has the Show the number of players matching and/or Show the time to match statistics settings checked.

An example of a queue with this configuration can be found in the Matchmaking Configuration Examples.

Retrieving statistics

Call the GetQueueStatistics API to retrieve the statistics. These values are aggregated and updated over time. For this reason, the GetQueueStatistics API should only be called intermittently. It is not intended to provide real-time tracking of a queue's statistics.