Item properties overview

This article explains how to retrieve additional properties for specific item types in Microsoft Fabric. The core get item API provides fundamental item details. However, some item types have unique properties that are not returned by the core API. To retrieve these properties, you can call a dedicated endpoint constructed as follows:

GET{workspaceId}/<item type in plural form>/{itemId}

The contract for the response from this endpoint is similar to the GetItem response, with an additional field named properties that contains the unique item type specific properties.

Supported item types and their properties

This table lists the item types that support additional properties, and their corresponding plural form. The table also includes links to documents detailing their properties definition.

Item type Plural form Properties documentation
SparkJobDefinition SparkJobDefinitions Spark job additional properties
Lakehouse Lakehouses Lakehouse additional properties
Warehouse Warehouses Warehouse additional properties

Endpoint example

To retrieve additional properties for a specific item, use the corresponding plural form in the endpoint URL. For example:


This provides a response that includes the core item details as well as the additional properties for the SparkJobDefinition item type. Refer to example response for SparkJobDefinition additional properties for clarification.