UI flows fails with error UIAElementMismatch

This article provides steps to solve the UIAElementMismatch error that occurs when running UI flows.

Applies to:   Power Automate
Original KB number:   4555810


When trying to run UI flows, you may see this error:


Screenshot of the error when trying to run the U I flows.

Verifying issue

This error usually occurs if your UI flows have the property Use coordinates set to true and UI flows is unable to locate the right element using coordinates. It's possible that the version of the recorded app is different from version of the app used while playing back, which may cause this discrepancy.

Check that the version of the app that you're using while recording and the version of the app that is being used for playback are the same.

Solving steps

If you see that the versions of the apps are different between recording and playback,

  • Install the version of the app that was used while recording on the playback machine (OR).
  • Re-record the steps using the version of the app that is available on playback.