Error messages display when you try to sign in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online)

This article provides a solution to error messages display when you try to sign in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online).

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
Original KB number:   3210340


When you try to sign in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online), you receive one of the following errors:

"You are not a member of this organization
You (<username>) do not belong to the organization <organization name>. Verify the organization name and try to sign in again."

"Your account has been disabled
Your account (<username>) is disabled, and you no longer have the privilege to access this organization. Contact your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online administrator for assistance."

"no instances found for this user ID
You have signed in with a user ID that cannot log into Dynamics 365. Contact your administrator to make sure that you have a valid Dynamics 365 user account."

"Invalid User Authorization
The user authentication passed to the platform is not valid."


This error can occur if there's a security group associated with the Dynamics 365 instance and you aren't a member of that security group.


Ask your Dynamics 365 administrator to add you to the security group that is associated with the Dynamics 365 instance you're trying to access.

If you're a Dynamics 365 administrator, navigate to the Dynamics 365 Administration Center. Select the Dynamics 365 instance that the user is unable to access and then select the Edit button. If the Security Group field is populated, verify the user is a member of that group. If the security group is managed in Office 365, you can add the user to the group from the Users area or the Groups area within the Office 365 portal.

If you're still unable to access Dynamics 365 (online), see About the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant, which includes a diagnostically designed to troubleshoot sign in issues.

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