Windows Games Explorer Interfaces for Windows 7

This section contains reference information for the component object model (COM) interfaces provided by the DirectX 3D 11 Games Explorer library.

Interfaces Description
IGameExplorer Provides developers with the ability to register, remove, update games in Windows Games Explorer. Additionally, IGameExplorer provides an interface to check user permissions.
IGameExplorer2 Provides developers with the ability to call a single entry point (dependent on whether the user is installing or uninstalling the game) which will automate the required items and remove the complexity of using IGameExplorer. The IGameExplorer2 COM interface is intended to be a replacement for the current IGameExplorer interface and is currently only supported on Windows 7.


Provides an interface to obtain, update, and organize a game's statistical information that is displayed in Windows Games Explorer.


Provides functionality to obtain access to game statistics (through the IGameStatisticsMgr interface), as well as the ability to remove that statistical data.

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