Install Clarity on Wix platform


Clarity can only be used with registered account domains on Wix.

Step 1

Sign in to your Wix account. Open the WIX site you want to install Clarity. Navigate to Apps -> App Market. Search for Microsoft Clarity.

Select app market.

Step 2

Select Add to site which adds Clarity to your selected WIX project.

Select add to site.

Step 3

From the opened the Clarity app, select Sign in to start connecting existing projects or create a new project.

Sign into Clarity.

Step 4

Choose a project from the list of existing projects and select Connect.

Connect an existing project.


Select Create a new project and enter details to get started with a new project.

Add a new project for wix.

Step 5

Once the project is successfully integrated, go to Microsoft Clarity from the navigation menu on the left to view the Clarity Dashboard and insights.


For more answers, refer to Setup FAQ.

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