Create a VM from the referenced image on Azure Stack HCI

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This template allows you to deploy a new Windows Virtual Machine on an on-premises Azure Stack HCI cluster using the referenced Azure Marketplace image. The article walks you through the process and prerequisites.

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In order to deploy this template, there must be an operational ARC Resource Bridge associated with your Azure Stack HCI cluster. Further, the resources below must be deployed before running this template:

  • Custom Location: This is the custom location resource representing your Azure Stack HCI Cluster in Azure. The following Virtual Network and Image resources must be associated with this custom location.
  • Azure Stack HCI Virtual Network: This resource is the Azure representation of your Hyper-v virtual switch and related network configuration used for the Network Interface created for the new VM. See Azure Stack HCI Virtual Networks
  • Azure Stack HCI Image: This is a virtual machine image, created from an Azure marketplace gallery image. See Azure Stack HCI Images


For simplicity, this template assumes the Custom Location, Virtual Network, and Image all reside in the same Resource Group as where the Virtual Machine is being created.

Tags: Microsoft.AzureStackHCI/virtualmachines, hci