Install the Dynamics 365 Guides solution

After buying a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides subscription, create an environment where you can install the Guides solution.

If you have a trial environment you want to convert to a production environment, go to convert the trial to a paid version. If you have another environment that you want to use (for example, an instance in your company's Dynamics 365 tenant), skip to Install and configure the solution. Otherwise, perform the following steps to set up a production environment.


Set up a production environment

  1. Go to the Power Platform admin center.

  2. Create a new environment and select Production for Type and Yes to Add a Dataverse data store.


    The Dynamics 365 Guides solution can also be installed on a trial environment. We don't recommend that you use a trial environment, because that environment, together with all your content, is automatically disabled after the 30-day trial period expires. You have a seven-day grace period to upgrade to a production environment or migrate your content to another environment.

  3. In the Region field, keep the default setting.


    If you set up a Dataverse environment instance in a different region than your default Microsoft Entra tenant region, the Dynamics 365 Guides model-driven app won't be available to install. If you'd like to set up a Dataverse environment instance in a region other than your default region, you must first contact Microsoft support and ask to make your tenant into a multi-geo tenant for Power Platform.

  4. Select Next and select the following information:

    • Language: Your organization's supported language.
    • Currency" Your organization's currency.
    • Security group: If you have a security group set up, select the group or select None.
    • Enable Dynamics 365 apps: Yes.
    • Automatically deploy these apps: Guides
  5. Select Save.

    When the new environment is active, Ready appears in the State field for the environment. The Guides solution is automatically installed.

  6. Assign licenses and add users.

Install and configure the solution

If you have an environment already created, perform the following steps to install the Dynamics 365 Guides solution.

  1. In the Power Platform admin center, in the left pane, select Resources > Dynamics 365 apps, select Dynamics 365 Guides in the list, and then select Install. It might take a few minutes for Dynamics 365 Guides to appear in the list.

  2. In the Install Dynamics 365 Guides dialog box, select an environment, select the I agree to the terms of service check box, and then select Install.


    If you don't see your environment and you have a valid Guides license, you might have installed Dynamics 365 Guides on a trial environment that has expired. You can go to the Power Platform admin center, select your trial environment, and switch it to a production environment.

    In the Power Platform admin center, the following message is shown: "Dynamics 365 Guides installation started at <time>, <date> by <name> Account."

    While the solution is being installed, Installing appears in the Status field for the app. After the app has been installed, the Status field is updated to Installed.


    The installation process can take up to one hour. The amount of time varies, depending on the time of day and the region. If the status hasn't changed after an hour, refresh the page.

Microsoft platforms and Guides

Dynamics 365 Guides is dependent on three Microsoft platforms:

  • Microsoft Dataverse
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Core Service
  • Microsoft Teams

In rare cases, changes to these underlying platforms can cause issues in Dynamics 365 Guides. Likewise, a change to one of these platforms can resolve a Dynamics 365 Guides issue. To learn about the schedule for changes to these platforms, see the following articles:

For more information, see Manage Dynamics 365 apps.

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