Update the Dynamics 365 Guides solution

Some releases of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides require an update to the Dynamics 365 Guides solution. When an update is required, a notification displays in the What's new panel.


The following prerequisites must be met before upgrading the Dynamics 365 Guides solution.


Update the solution

  1. Go to the Power Platform admin center, and sign in using the System Administrator security role permissions for Guides.

  2. Select the environment: select Resources, and then select Dynamics 365 apps.

  3. Next to Dynamics 365 Guides update available, select the ellipsis (…), and then select Update.

    Power Platform admin center Guides update available.

  4. In the dialog box that appears, select the I agree to the terms of service check box, and then select Update.

Microsoft platforms and Guides

Dynamics 365 Guides is dependent on three Microsoft platforms:

  • Microsoft Dataverse
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Core Service
  • Microsoft Teams

In rare cases, changes to these underlying platforms can cause issues in Dynamics 365 Guides. Likewise, a change to one of these platforms can resolve a Dynamics 365 Guides issue. To learn about the schedule for changes to these platforms, see the following articles:

Next steps

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