UI flows can't launch recorder


This article covers topics related to legacy systems. Migrate your flows created with these solutions to Power Automate for desktop or delete them.

  • Selenium IDE is deprecated and will no longer work after February 28th, 2023.
  • Windows recorder (V1) is deprecated and no longer works.

This article provides a solution to an issue where UI flows recorder won't launch.

Applies to:   Power Automate
Original KB number:   4555735


UI flows recorder won't launch. Instead, the UI flows wizard prompts you to download the installation package.

Screenshot of the U I Flows installation package message.

Verifying the issue

  1. Check that you're using a compatible web browser:

    • Microsoft Edge (version 80 or later)
    • Google Chrome
  2. Check that you've enabled the UI flows for Power Automate chromium extension:

    • In Microsoft Edge, navigate to edge://extensions
    • In Google Chrome, navigate to chrome://extensions

    Verify that the extension is enabled in the extensions page:

    Screenshot to check the extension is enabled in the extensions page.

    Enable the extension by toggling the switch on the card.

  3. Verify that the UI flows service is running

    There should be an icon in the system tray:

    Screenshot shows the U I flows icon in the system tray.

    If the icon isn't present, you can manually start the service by searching for UI flows in the start menu:

    Screenshot to search for the U I Flows app in the start menu.

  4. Check that you've installed the UI flows package:

    • In Windows 10, navigate to SettingsApps & features
    • In Windows 8.1 or earlier, navigate to Control PanelAdd or Remove Programs

    Look for the UI flows installation package:

    Screenshot of the U I flows installation package.

    If the package isn't installed, follow the instructions in the UI flows wizard to download and install the latest version.