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Overview of Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Today's digitally transformed enterprise conducts most of its business online and in real time. Little human intervention is involved. Although this approach helps reduce costs and improve the customer experience, it also exposes the enterprise to serious threats of fraud from sophisticated users who try to take advantage of the online channel's relative anonymity and accessibility. For example, in e-commerce, some transactions are maliciously created via compromised accounts and stolen payment instruments. Other malicious activities might include account takeover, abuse of free trials, fake product reviews, warranty fraud, refund fraud, reseller fraud, abuse of program discounts. All these activities, and others, can affect the enterprise's profitability and reputation.

Because fraudsters who engage in online fraud and abuse reap a high return on investment, it's likely that most of an enterprise's vulnerabilities will be discovered and exploited. Additionally, unlike during the early years of the internet, today's fraudulent transactions can be orchestrated by well-funded and well-equipped rings of professionals. Fraud protection professionals are best equipped to fight this threat.

How Fraud Protection helps you protect your business

Microsoft has many years of experience protecting our own e-commerce businesses from fraud. We have developed a sophisticated technology stack that uses connected big data across multiple lines of business and applies cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to help provide more accurate decisions in real time.

By using Fraud Protection, you can help protect your business from fraud through several innovative and advanced capabilities.

Account protection

  • Enhance detection of account fraud - Help protect your accounts with a capability that learns and adapts to patterns of legitimate and fraudulent account activities using Adaptive AI.
  • Help safeguard accounts with a fraud protection network - Gain broad awareness of account fraud activity with connected knowledge about behavior of entities, keeping the security of confidential information and shoppers' privacy top of mind.
  • Help protect accounts with device fingerprinting - Detect fraud patterns and identify returning devices with high fidelity using AI models that collect device and location attributes.
  • Adaptable account rules engine fits your needs - Minimize customer delays and friction by configuring specialized rules and policies.
  • Help defend accounts with bot protection - Help protect against bot networks attempting to create synthetic accounts or gain access to accounts using stolen credentials.
  • Configure the engine to match your business needs - Enable customers to send custom payloads and configure real-time decision policies with an engine that helps protect specialized account activity scenarios, with monitoring dashboards.

Loss prevention

  • Detect transactional anomalies with intelligent machine learning - Empower store managers to act quickly and mitigate losses by identifying anomalies and potential fraud on returns and discounts.
  • Help protect in-store leakage - Detect anomalous patterns in returns and discounts activity with adaptive AI to prevent loss.
  • Triangulate discount and return fraud with multiple data points - Help detect anomalies, especially in omnichannel scenarios such as “buy online, return in store”, with knowledge of devices that initiate returns and their location attributes.
  • Provide clear and actionable reports - Help store managers take action with up-to-date BI reports and insights on anomalies related to merchandise discounts and returns.
  • Automated discovery - Help increase operational efficiency by reducing the manual effort required to identify at-risk business entities and functions.

Purchase protection

  • Helps focus on profitability - Take advantage of Adaptive AI that continuously learns and adapts to patterns of payment fraud, helping managers to balance profit and fraud loss.
  • Collaborate to protect transactions - Get broad awareness of fraud activity worldwide while keeping customer privacy intact by taking advantage of connected knowledge.
  • Triangulate transaction fraud with multiple data points - Use AI models to detect patterns using device and location attributes, while advanced deep learning models identify returning devices with high fidelity.
  • Adaptable to your business - Minimize customer delays and friction by using a versatile decision engine configured to your specialized rules and policies.
  • Increase transaction acceptance - Enables merchants to share transactional trust knowledge with issuing banks to help boost their acceptance rates.
  • Help improve customer escalations - Improve customer support by providing detailed risk insights about each transaction.