Quick Tip: Add Group Calendar in Microsoft Teams


A common question of late is "How can I add a Group Calendar in Microsoft Teams?" – this post provides a walk through on how to do just that.


First, you'll need to get the URL of the Group Calendar by completing the following steps:





Now that you have the URL of the group calendar, you're ready to add it in Microsoft Teams:


  • To add a tab, click the '+' icon in the channel navigation menu, and select "Website"




  • Next, enter a name for the tab and the URL for the group calendar and click "Save" to complete the Website tab configuration:


    Note: You can select/deselect the "Post to the channel about this tab" option based on your preference for this action.



  • Now, you can navigate to your shiny, new tab for the group calendar in the Teams client:


    Note: You may get prompted to enter your credentials from time to time when opening the tab