Interesting User Segments

Are you the website manager who found that there's always more data than you can quickly analyze? How do you identify the key takeaways in a deluge of information? What are the most valuable patterns or trends?

To address such questions, Clarity highlights interesting segments for you. By applying Clarity's Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, we identify the most exciting filter set for a metric and help you go from "what" to "why" faster.

Where do you find these segments?

Clarity currently looks for interesting user segments on two metrics: dead clicks and rage clicks. To learn more about these metrics, refer to the documentation on behavioral insights metrics.

You can view interesting user segments for these metrics in the dashboard below the pie charts.

If there are no segments for a metric, it implies the AI ML model detected no high-impact user segments. Also, check the date range and session size of your filters to make sure you're not narrowing down your data too much.

Interesting segments in the dashboard.

Dig deeper with segments

These interesting user segment modules give you an overview of the relevant information, but you can dig deeper to investigate.

  1. Go to the module for an interesting segment, and then click anywhere in the block.

    Dig deeper into interesting segments.

    The dashboard refreshes with the group of applied filters specific to the selected segment. For example, for a selected segment, which accounts for 51.1% of all rage clicks, the updated dashboard displays data from sessions with applied filters matching the interesting segments.

  2. Use the dashboard data for the interesting segment to learn more.

    Interesting segments dashboard.


    Interesting user segments could also appear in the filter-applied dashboard, as long as the sample size of the segment dashboard is greater than 100. However, smaller sample sizes reduce the statistical power of the data.

Dig deeper with recordings

View recordings of interesting user segments to understand how the user group is interacting with your site.

  1. Go to the card for any interesting user segment, and then select Recordings.

    Interesting user segments recordings.

    The Recordings tab appears with the filters for the segment automatically filled in.

  2. View session recordings from this segment.

    Interesting user segments filters in recordings.

  3. Return to Dashboard and select Clear to return to the previous view.

    Clear interesting user segments.

Save an interesting user segment as a new segment

Perhaps you're intrigued by a surfaced user segment and would like to keep tracking it. Maybe you're planning a fix and check back later to confirm that you've resolved the issue. In that case, you could benefit from saving the segment.

For example, suppose you notice an interesting segment for a promotional campaign with rage clicks; you can save the filter and view it later once you've tweaked the experience of this campaign. Hopefully, the rage clicks will be gone.

  1. Go to the card for an interesting user segment, and then select Save as segment.

    Interesting segments in rage clicks.

  2. On the dialog box, select Save as new.

    Save as new interesting user segment.

  3. Enter a name in the Segment name box, confirm the filters used, and then select Save.

    Name the interesting user segment.

    Once you save the segment, the dashboard displays the corresponding filters of the segment.


To learn more about editing and deleting your saved Segments, refer to the documentation for segments.


For answers to common questions, refer to the Insights FAQ.

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