IDataAdapter.TableMappings Property


Gets a collection that indicates how a source table is mapped to a dataset table.

 property System::Data::ITableMappingCollection ^ TableMappings { System::Data::ITableMappingCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Data.ITableMappingCollection TableMappings { get; }
member this.TableMappings : System.Data.ITableMappingCollection
Public ReadOnly Property TableMappings As ITableMappingCollection

Property Value

A collection that provides the primary mapping between the returned records and the DataSet. The default value is an empty collection.


The IDataAdapter uses only the mappings for the source table named "Table". All SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE statements returning data must do so using consistent column naming. The column names returned in the records must be unique, otherwise columns with duplicate names overwrite previous data. On Update, only the table mapped to the source table named "Table" will have its changes reconciled.

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