Xbox Accessibility Insider League (XAIL)


The Xbox Accessibility Insiders League is a flight ring within the Xbox Insiders Program with over 100 thousand players who have opted in based on their interest in accessibility. We've created XAIL as a feedback platform to connect content developers and players who are passionate about and want to improve accessibility in gaming.

About publishing to XAIL

Publishing content for XAIL is done through the tried-and-true power of the Xbox Insider Program. The XAIL audience accesses your content via the Xbox Insider Hub app on Xbox and Windows.

Activities you can publish include:

  • Separate builds of your game
  • Our standard on-console accessibility survey
  • Links to surveys that you create

Visibility to these activities can be limited to Xbox consoles, Windows, or both.

To get started with XAIL, contact your Microsoft account representative.


XAIL is a public audience, so you should assume any content you publish will also be public.

Developer resources


Access to Xbox Insider Program flighting information requires membership in an NDA developer program. Contact your publisher or your Xbox program representative if you need direct access. Not in the program? Read about joining the ID@Xbox program to gain access today!