Welcome to Kiota

Kiota is a command line tool for generating an API client to call any OpenAPI-described API you are interested in. The goal is to eliminate the need to take a dependency on a different API SDK for every API that you need to call. Kiota API clients provide a strongly typed experience with all the features you expect from a high quality API SDK, but without having to learn a new library for every HTTP API.

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  • Provides support for a wide range of languages: C#, CLI, Go, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift and Typescript
  • Leverages the full capabilities of OpenAPI descriptions
  • Enables low effort implementation of new language support
  • Generates only the source code necessary by building on a core library
  • Minimizes external dependencies
  • Leverages JSON Schema descriptions to generate primitive based model serialization/deserialization code
  • Enables generation of code for only a specified subset of an OpenAPI description
  • Generates code that enables IDE autocomplete to aid in API resource discovery
  • Enables full access to HTTP capabilities

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