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Web API Reference

This section contains reference documentation of the types, functions, and actions that constitute the Web API for Microsoft Dataverse. More information:

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Section Description
EntityType Reference An EntityType represents an entity type in the OData v4 entity model.
More information: Web API EntityTypes
Action Reference Actions represent operations that may have observable side effects, such as creating or updating records. An action may require parameters and may return a value. Actions may be bound to entity types.
More information: Web API Actions
Function Reference A function is an operation that doesn't have observable side effects. Functions typically retrieve data. They may have parameters and they may return values. Functions may be bound to entity types.
More information: Web API Functions
Query Function Reference Query functions are functions that can be used as a filter criteria in a query. They accept parameters and return a Boolean value.
More information: Web API query functions
ComplexType Reference A ComplexType represents structured data that doesn't have a key. Complex types are frequently returned as a response from using an action or function or passed as a parameter to a function.
More information: Complex types
EnumType Reference An EnumType represents an enumeration type in an OData v4 entity model.
More information: Enumeration types
Metadata EntityType Reference Metadata EntityTypes represent the types used in the Dataverse schema.
More information: Use the Web API with table definitions


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Use the Microsoft Dataverse Web API
Web API types and operations