Switch project, repository, team

TFS 2018

Several features depend on the project, repository, or team that you have selected. For example, dashboards, backlogs, and board views will change depending on the project and team you select.

Also, when you add a work item, the system references the default area and iteration paths defined for the team context. Work items you add from the team dashboard (new work item widget) and queries page are assigned the team default iteration. Work items you add from a team backlog or board, are assigned the team default backlog iteration. To learn more, see About teams and Agile tools.


View and open a project

From the Projects page you can quickly navigate to a project that you have permissions to view.

From the Projects page you can quickly navigate to a project or a team that you've accessed or worked in previously. Projects and teams are listed in the order you've last accessed, with the most recent five projects accessed appearing first. All projects you've accessed are listed within the All section.

  1. Choose the Azure DevOps logo to open Projects.

    Screenshot showing web portal, Azure DevOps logo, TFS.

    The projects you most recently viewed are displayed, followed by a list of all projects in alphabetic order.

    Screenshot showing projects page, TFS-2018.

  2. As you hover over a project or team, you can choose one of the links to go to Home or Dashboards, Code, Work, Build and Release, Test, or Wiki pages. Choose the favorites star icon to mark the project as a favorite.

    Screenshot showing account home, Projects page, hover over a project.

  3. You can filter the project and team list using the Filter projects and teams search box. Simply type a keyword contained within the name of a project or team. Here we type Fabrikam to find all projects or teams with Fabrikam in their name.

    Screenshot showing Projects page, filter on Fabrikam.

  4. Choose New Project to add a project. You must be an account administrator or a member of the Project Collection Administrators group to add a project.

    Screenshot showing selection of account home, Projects page, New project.

View and open a repository

  1. Choose Code.

    Screenshot showing Open Code, previous nav.

  2. Select the repository from the selector.

    Screenshot showing selecting repository.

Switch to a different team

You can switch your team focus to one that you've recently viewed from the project/team selector. If you don't see the team or project you want, choose Browse… or choose the Azure DevOps logo to access the Projects page.

Screenshot showing selecting another team from the project menu.