A Breakthrough Platform for Next-Generation Data Warehousing and Big Data Solutions

Summary: This paper explains PDW’s thoughtful design so that you can learn more about how PDW achieves breakthrough results, and how upgrading to SQL Server 2012 PDW will benefit your business. PDW’s benefits are so remarkable that you might think it all sounds too good to be true! However, PDW’s benefits are real and the result of a well-engineered system that is purpose-built for data warehousing workloads, including the growing business needs for data warehousing to integrate the analysis of Hadoop and relational data.

Microsoft’s® SQL Server® 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) is a next-generation platform built to run your data analysis fast and to scale storage from a few terabytes to over 6 petabytes in a single appliance. PDW ships to your data center as an appliance with hardware and software pre-installed and pre-configured for maximum performance. With PDW’s Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) design, queries run in minutes instead of hours, and in seconds instead of minutes in comparison to today’s Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) databases. PDW is not only fast and scalable, it is designed with high redundancy and high availability, making it a reliable platform you can trust with your most business critical data.  PDW is designed for simplicity which makes it easy to learn and to manage.  PDW’s PolyBase technology for analyzing Hadoop data, and its deep integration with Business Intelligence tools make it a comprehensive platform for building end-to-end solutions.

Writers: Barbara Kess and Dan Kogan

Reviewers: Murshed Zaman, Henk van der Valk, John Hoang, Rick Byham

Published: October 2013

Applies to: SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse

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