Removable Storage Manager

[Removable Storage Manager is no longer available as of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.]

Removable Storage Manager (RSM) facilitates communication among applications, robotic changers, and media libraries. It enables multiple applications to share local robotic media libraries and tape or disk drives, and manage removable media within a single-server system. A group of libraries, drives, and media that are managed by RSM is called an RSM system. RSM can help you create an application that makes effective use of the media resources in an RSM system.

The Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) contains information about RSM that is tailored for developers creating RSM client applications. There is additional information in the Windows Resource Kit about administrative aspects of RSM. To understand how to utilize RSM within your application and design a good user experience, please refer to the Resource Kit.



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Build date: 6/9/2011