Reviewing the AD DS Regional Domain Design

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008

Begin your Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) regional domains deployment by reviewing all design information. In addition, ensure that the domain controller hardware that you plan to use meets the requirements for Windows Server 2008.

Gather regional domain design information

Before you begin the deployment, gather the regional domain design information that documents domain controller assignments. Record the computer name, static IP address, subnet mask, and Domain Name System (DNS) client settings for each domain controller in the regional domain. For assistance in documenting this information, download the file from the Job Aids for Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit ( The .zip file contains a blank worksheet, Domain Controller Configuration (DSSDFR_1.doc), for you to complete.

Review hardware requirements for domain controllers

Ensure that each computer that you plan to use as a domain controller meets the hardware requirements for running Windows Server 2008.