Deploy a Storage Spaces cluster on Windows Server 2012 R2


Applies To: Windows Server 2012 R2

This topic discusses how to deploy a highly available storage solution that uses Windows Server 2012 R2, Failover Clustering, and Storage Spaces with shared SAS storage enclosures. The solution uses a Scale-Out File Server cluster and easily managed Server Message Block (SMB) file shares to create a software-defined storage solution for virtualized workloads. You can also use this topic to deploy other workloads such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and SQL Server.

To deploy Storage Spaces with shared SAS storage enclosures, follow these steps:

Step 1: Set up the nodes of the file server

Step 2: Create the Scale-Out File Server and storage pools

Step 3: Create storage spaces and file shares on the Scale-Out File Server

If you want an overview of Storage Spaces, see Storage Spaces. If you're looking for info about the newer Storage Spaces Direct solution in Windows Server 2016, see Storage Spaces Direct Overview.


You can also use these topics to set up a Scale-Out File Server with SAN-based storage as well - just skip the Storage Spaces-specific steps and refer to your SAN documentation for help creating LUNs and performing other storage configuration tasks.