Event collection with Microsoft Defender for Identity

The Microsoft Defender for Identity sensor is configured to automatically collect syslog events. For Windows events, Defender for Identity detection relies on specific event logs, which the sensor parses from your domain controllers.

Event collection for domain controllers and AD FS / AD CS servers

For the correct events to be audited and included in the Windows event log, your domain controllers or AD FS / AD CS servers require accurate, advanced audit policy settings.

For more information, see Configure audit policies for Windows event logs.

Reference of required events

This section lists the Windows events required by the Defender for Identity sensor, when installed on AD FS / AD CS servers, or on domain controllers.

Required Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) events

The following events are required for Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) servers:

  • 1202 - The Federation Service validated a new credential
  • 1203 - The Federation Service failed to validate a new credential
  • 4624 - An account was successfully logged on
  • 4625 - An account failed to log on

For more information, see Configure auditing on an Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).

Required Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) events

The following events are required for Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) servers:

  • 4870: Certificate Services revoked a certificate
  • 4882: The security permissions for Certificate Services changed
  • 4885: The audit filter for Certificate Services changed
  • 4887: Certificate Services approved a certificate request and issued a certificate
  • 4888: Certificate Services denied a certificate request
  • 4890: The certificate manager settings for Certificate Services changed.
  • 4896: One or more rows have been deleted from the certificate database

For more information, see Configure auditing for Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS).

Other required Windows events

The following general Windows events are required for all Defender for Identity sensors:

  • 4662 - An operation was performed on an object
  • 4726 - User Account Deleted
  • 4728 - Member Added to Global Security Group
  • 4729 - Member Removed from Global Security Group
  • 4730 - Global Security Group Deleted
  • 4732 - Member Added to Local Security Group
  • 4733 - Member Removed from Local Security Group
  • 4741 - Computer Account Added
  • 4743 - Computer Account Deleted
  • 4753 - Global Distribution Group Deleted
  • 4756 - Member Added to Universal Security Group
  • 4757 - Member Removed from Universal Security Group
  • 4758 - Universal Security Group Deleted
  • 4763 - Universal Distribution Group Deleted
  • 4776 - Domain Controller Attempted to Validate Credentials for an Account (NTLM)
  • 5136 - A directory service object was modified
  • 7045 - New Service Installed
  • 8004 - NTLM Authentication

For more information, see Configure NTLM auditing and Configure domain object auditing.

Event collection for standalone sensors

If you're working with a standalone Defender for Identity sensor, configure event collection manually using one of the following methods:


When forwarding syslog data to a standalone sensor, make sure not to forward all syslog data to your sensor.


Defender for Identity standalone sensors do not support the collection of Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) log entries that provide the data for multiple detections. For full coverage of your environment, we recommend deploying the Defender for Identity sensor.

For more information, see your SIEM or syslog server's product documentation.

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