Guided walkthrough: Videos in a training site

The basis for Stream (built on SharePoint) is having video files stored in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, & Yammer with the ability to create destinations that feature video content in your Viva Connections and SharePoint-based intranet. For more background information, see Overview of featuring videos with web parts, pages, sites, & portals.

In this article, we show you elements of an example training site inside of Microsoft Teams using Viva Connections to inspire you, and help you learn how to weave video throughout your own intranet.

Example training site

Training site being shown via Viva Connections as a tab in Teams. Videos are shown on the page as hero elements at the top of the page, broken out by topics, and in a reccent videos section.

Video elements on this learning site:

General setup

This article assumes you've already setup your intelligent intranet with SharePoint and Viva Connections. In addition, we created our "Learning" site as an associated site with our "The Landing" Hub site.

You could also just make your training site a standalone communication site if your organization isn't using Viva Connections or fully using SharePoint as your intranet yet.

After you've done that, you can use the below examples to create a training site.

Videos as curated hero elements

At the top of our training page, we are using the Hero web part to curate a set of links to important training videos for our employees.

Training site being shown via Viva Connections as a tab in Teams. Videos are shown on the top of the page in the hero web part.

Newest videos

In the side bar of our training page, we're using the Highlighted content web part configured to show the newest training videos. Users can see the last few most recent videos and select the "See all" link to see more.

Newest videos list from side bar of training site example

We configured the Highlighted content web part by setting...

  • Source to A document library on this site
  • Document library to Documents
  • Document type to Video
  • Sort by to Most recent
  • Layout to Grid
  • Show up to this many items at a time to 8

Videos grouped by categories

In the main page of our training site, we're using several Highlighted content web parts configured to pull videos based on a few key training categories. For easy browsing, we are featuring specific training content we know our employees are most interested in.

Groups of videos that are on the topics of "Leadership" and "Career development" from the training site example

We set up the page by...

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