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Resources for remote learning

Help your users get up and running with the Getting Started one-pager and any of the below adoption materials.

Adoption content

Get your school excited about Microsoft Teams with free emails, posters, handouts, and more.

You can also reach students online and across campus with our digital toolkit of banners, GIFs, and videos.

Read the terms and conditions before using these materials.

Physical assets

Posters - customizable and print-ready
Photo of a poster.
Photo of a handout
Photo of a flyer.
Book adverts
Photo of a book advert.
Photo of Tips and Tricks booklet.
Photo of sample booklet.

Digital assets

Check out the Digital Toolkit Guidance to help your Teams launch.

Email templates
Photo of sample handout.
Screenshot from a GIF
Web banners
Photo of a sample web banner.
Screenshot of sample video opener
Digital screen adverts
Photo of a digital screen advert.

Call to action

Additional resources