Run Office Scripts in Excel from buttons

Help your colleagues find and run your scripts by adding script buttons to a workbook.

A button in the worksheet that runs a script when clicked.

Create script buttons

When viewing a script, select Add in workbook. This creates a button in the workbook that runs the associated script. It also shares the script with the workbook, so everyone with write permissions to the workbook can use your helpful automation.

The 'Add in workbook' button on the 'Create Report' script details page with a button named 'Create Report' shown in the Excel grid.

Remove script buttons

To stop sharing a script through a button, select the arrow next to Add in workbook and choose the option Remove from workbook. This removes all the buttons that run the script. Deleting a single button removes the script from that one button, even if the operation is undone or the button is cut and pasted.

The 'Remove from workbook' option on the script details page.

Older versions of Excel

Script buttons won't work when opened in versions of Excel that don't support Office Scripts. In that case, the button still appears, but selecting it has no effect.

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