ActionText Table

The ActionText Table contains text to be displayed in a progress dialog box, and written to the log for actions that take a long time to execute. The displayed text consists of the action description and optionally formatted data from the action.

The ActionText Table has the following columns.

Column Type Key Nullable
Action Identifier Y N
Description Text N Y
Template Template N Y




Name of the action.

Primary table key.


Localized description that is displayed in the progress dialog box, or written to the log when the action is executing.


A localized format template that is used to format action data records to display during action execution. If a template is not supplied, then the action data is not displayed.


Typically, the entries in the ActionText table refer to actions in sequence tables. There are other actions the installer performs that are not listed in the sequence table, but still need to be specified in the table. The following table identifies the required table entries where the action name and template must be authored exactly as shown, but the description can be customized.

Action Description Template
Rollback Undoes actions. [1]
RollbackCleanup Removes old files. [1]
GenerateScript Generates system operations for action. [1]



Action text is only displayed for actions that run within the installation script. Therefore, action text is only displayed for actions that are sequenced between the InstallInitialize and InstallFinalize actions.


You can import a localized ActionText table into your database by using Msidb.exe or MsiDatabaseImport. The SDK includes a localized ActionText Table for each of the languages listed in the Localizing the Error and ActionText Tables section. If the ActionText table is not populated, the installer loads localized strings for the language specified by the ProductLanguage property.