EventMapping Table

The EventMapping Table lists the controls that subscribe to some control events, and lists the attribute to be changed when the event is published by another control or the Windows Installer.

The EventMapping Table has the following columns.

Column Type Key Nullable
Dialog_ Identifier Y N
Control_ Identifier Y N
Event Identifier Y N
Attribute Identifier N N




An external key to the first column of the Dialog Table. This field and the Control_ field together identify a control.


An external key to the second column of the Control Table. This field and the Dialog_ field together identify a control.


This field is an identifier that specifies the type of event that is subscribed to by the control. For more information, see ControlEvent Overview.


The name of the Control_ attribute that is set when the event in the Event column is received. The Argument of the event is passed as the argument of the attribute call to change this attribute of the control.


The ControlEvent Table specifies the control events that are started when a user interacts with a PushButton Control, CheckBox Control, or SelectionTree Control. These are the only controls that a user can use to initiate control events.

More than one control on a dialog box can subscribe to the same event.

The following list identifies the typical uses for the EventMapping Table: