MsiLaunchApp ControlEvent

This control event runs a specified file. If the file does not exist, or if the event fails, Windows Installer logs the error in the verbose log without displaying a dialog box containing an error message.

Windows Installer 4.5 or earlier: Not supported. This ControlEvent is available beginning with Windows Installer 5.0.

Published By

This ControlEvent is published by the installer.


The fields of the argument value are delimited by spaces. The first field contains a string value that specifies the file that is to be run. Use a string value of [#filekey] to identify the file and replace filekey with the file's identifier appearing in the File column of the File table. Any remaining fields of the argument can contain parameters being used by the file being run.

Action on Subscribers

This ControlEvent performs no actions on subscribers.

Typical Use

To enable a user to choose to run a file at the end of an installation. This event can be conditioned on a property set by a CheckBox control displayed on the final dialog box of the installation. The CheckBox control should not be displayed during the removal of the package.