Setting Up User Accounts for Integrating with Microsoft Dataverse

This article provides an overview of how to set up the user accounts that are required to integrate Dataverse with Business Central.

Set up the administrator user account

You must add your administrator user account for Business Central as a user in Dataverse. When you set up the connection between Business Central and Dataverse we'll use this account once to install and configure some required components.


The administrator user account needs to be a licensed user with the System Administrator security role on the Dataverse environment and global admin on the tenant to which the environment belongs. This account doesn't need a license to Business Central, as it will be used only to provision the service in the Dataverse tenant and to do setup tasks.

After the connection setup is done, this Dataverse user can be removed. The integration will continue using the user account that is automatically created specifically for the integration.

Permissions and security roles for user accounts in Dataverse

The Base Integration Solution creates the following roles in Dataverse for the integration:

  • Integration Administrator: Allows users to manage the connection between Business Central and Dataverse. Typically, this is assigned only to the automatically created user account for synchronization.
  • Integration User: Allows users to access synchronized data. Typically, this is assigned to the automatically created user account for synchronization and other users who need to view or access the synchronized data.


The Integration Administrator and Integration User roles should only be used by the application user that runs the integration. The application user does not need the Business Central or Dataverse license assigned.

When you install the Base Integration Solution, it configures the permissions for the integration user account. If those permissions are changed manually, you can reset them. Choose Redeploy Integration Solution on the Dataverse Connection Setup page to reinstall the Base Integration Solution. This step will deploy the Business Central Integration security role.

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