Validation errors for a mailbox archive GUID for Microsoft 365 users

Original KB number:   4053483


An administrator who signs in to Microsoft 365 admin center or Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) may receive the following validation errors for some users:

"Failed to sync the ArchiveGuid <GUID> of mailboxMailboxGuid because one cloud archiveCloudArchiveGuid exists."

"Failed to enable the new cloud archiveCloudArchiveGuid of mailboxMailboxGuid because a different archiveArchiveGuid exists. To enable the new archive, first disable the archive on-premises. After the next Dirsync sync cycle, enable the archive on-premises again."

In this situation, updates to other property values of these users can't be synchronized from Azure AD to Exchange Online.


Update the msExchArchiveGUID (ArchiveGUID) property value in the on-premises organization to match the Exchange Online value. To do this, follow the steps for the scenario that corresponds to your on-premises configuration.

Scenario 1: You still have an Exchange server running in the on-premises organization

Here's how to keep the ArchiveGuid property value consistent between Exchange environments:

  1. Run the following cmdlets from the Exchange Management Shell to retrieve information about ArchiveGuid and RecipientTypeDetails:

    Get-Recipient -Identity | fl ArchiveGuid, RecipientTypeDetails
  2. Run these cmdlets to update the value based on different situations, as follows:

    • Situation 1: The RecipientTypeDetails property is set to RemoteUserMailbox and the ArchiveGuid property is set to 0:

       Enable-RemoteMailbox -Archive
       Set-RemoteMailbox -Identity -ArchiveGuid <Cloud ArchiveGUID>
    • Situation 2: The RecipientTypeDetails property is set to RemoteUserMailbox and the ArchiveGuid property is already populated:

       Set-RemoteMailbox -Identity -ArchiveGuid <Cloud ArchiveGUID>
    • Situation 3: The RecipientTypeDetails property value isn't RemoteUserMailbox (no remote mailbox is enabled for the affected user):

       Enable-RemoteMailbox -RemoteRoutingAddress
       Enable-RemoteMailbox -Archive
       Set-RemoteMailbox -Identity -ArchiveGuid <Cloud ArchiveGUID>

In this scenario, you must install an Exchange server to manage the Exchange-related attributes for synchronized users.


Managing the Exchange attributes for cloud users from the Active Directory PowerShell or from ADSIEDIT isn't supported. We strongly recommend that you keep at least one active Exchange server in AD to manage the Exchange attributes for synchronized users. For more information, see the "Can third-party management tools be used?" section of How and when to decommission your on-premises Exchange servers in a hybrid deployment.

To update the ArchiveGuid property value, run the following cmdlets from Active Directory PowerShell in a domain controller:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
[guid]$guid = "Cloud ArchiveGUID"
Get-ADUser <user alias> | Set-ADUser -Replace @{msExchArchiveguid=$guid.tobytearray()}