Meetings are off by one hour in certain time zones

Original KB number:   3171495


When an organizer creates a meeting from an iOS device, the attendees receive a meeting request that is one hour earlier than the scheduled meeting time.


The meeting request sent from Exchange to the attendees has an incorrect start time and time zone information. The following is the tine zone information from the meeting request:

This timezone is 180 minutes (3 hours) ahead of UTC.
Its primary / standard time name is "".
The timezone transitions from daylight savings time to standard time 10/26/2016 2:00:00 AM.
During standard time, time is 180 minutes (3 hours) ahead of UTC.
Its daylight time name is "".
The timezone transitions from standard time to daylight savings time 3/5/2016 2:00:00 AM.
During daylight savings time, time is 240 minutes (4 hours) ahead of UTC.

bias -180 standardbias 0 daylightbias -60 standardName standardDate y2016m10dow0d26h2mi0s0ms0 daylightName daylightdate y2016m3dow0d5h2mi0s0ms0


Modify the time zone on the EAS client to another region with the same time offset until the DST period ends.

More information

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