Link or unlink a Microsoft Certification profile ID (MCID) to a Microsoft Cloud Partner Program account

Appropriate roles: All Partner Center users

This article describes how customers holding active certifications in the Microsoft Certification Program can link or unlink their Microsoft Certification profile ID (MCID) with a Microsoft Cloud Partner Program organization.

You must be an MPN Partner Admin or Global Admin to review competency (sign-in required) status for exams, or to download skills reports for reviewing associated exams. The partner organization meets competency requirements by having individuals with linked MCIDs associated to their organization. An MCID can only be linked to a single Microsoft Cloud Partner Program membership at a time.

Get Partner University access

In order to associate your Microsoft Certification, you must have a Partner Center account (Active AD) associated to your partner organization. Members of Microsoft Cloud Partner Program partner organizations should use their Microsoft Cloud Partner Program partner organization work username and password (work account) to sign in to Partner Center. Use the procedure below to get access to Partner University.

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center, then select the My Profile icon next to the Settings gear icon.

  2. In the Your Learning field, select Get Partner University Access. You must enter your Partner University account credentials (not your Partner Center account) Your Partner university account will now be associated to your Partner Center user account. Your assessments will be reflected in the Partner Center User Skills report within 72hrs.

  3. To remove the association, select Remove access.

Associate a Microsoft Learning account

Use the following procedure to associate a Microsoft Learning account.

  1. Sign in to your Partner Center profile.

  2. Scroll down to the Microsoft exams and certifications field, and select Associate Microsoft Learning account. Ensure that your Certification Profile is complete and MC ID is generated for your account. Log on to your Certification Dashboard to find your MC ID

  3. When prompted, enter the credentials you use to sign in to your Microsoft certification profile (your MCID).


If the Microsoft Learning account credentials are the same as the Partner University account credentials, select Use email@address to associate my Microsoft Learning account. Ensure that your Certification Profile is complete and MC ID is generated for your account. Log on to your Certification Dashboard to find your MC ID

Download skills report (Microsoft Certification list)

If you need details, the skills report can be accessed and downloaded by any Global Admin or MPN Partner Admin from Partner Center. To learn more.

Frequently asked questions about linking accounts

Users should sign in to Partner Center and go to My profile and then select either Get Partner University account or Associate Microsoft Learning account and enter their credentials. To associate to a Microsoft Learning account the user will need to input the username and password used to sign in to their Microsoft Certification profile (MCID). Due to privacy considerations, users must complete the account linking process themselves.

From the Partner Center, select your user profile, then select Remove access. Due to privacy considerations, the user must complete the account linking process themselves.

The user must link their MCID with the company B by following the procedure above. Once the user links their MCID with company B, they will automatically be unlinked from company A.

The user’s Azure Active Directory (AAD/work) account must be deleted from the organization’s tenant by the Global Admin after they leave the company. Once deleted, their exams will be removed from the Skills Report on the data refresh date which is around the 10th of the following month. For example: User left the company on January and their AAD/work account were deleted on the same month. The changes will be reflected on the Skills Report after February 10.

The Admin provided sign-in details for a work email account to a user and they have had no response.

The Admin should first verify the email address used, and then should contact the user to which the account information was provided.

A user tries to associate their MCP Learning account to their profile in Partner Center and receives a message that their association is limited. For example "You have attempted to associate with a partner organization. However, we require a period of 30 days between associations. Your next available date for a subsequent association is XXX"

To protect against abuse, an MCP individual has a limited number of 3 associations allowed each year and there is a 30 day cool off period between each association, which starts at the beginning of the association. Each user can check the date in their profile to see when they can start a new association. If the user has problems associating after that date, they should contact support.

How to get support

For technical issues linking or unlinking MCIDs with Microsoft Cloud Partner Program partner organizations that are not addressed in the FAQ, open a ticket with Microsoft support.

For questions related to the Microsoft Certification profile (MCID) merge process, contact Certification Support.

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