HRESULT C00CE56E 'System Does Not Support the Specified Encoding' error message with MSXML

This article helps you resolve the problem that HRESULT C00CE56E System Does Not Support the Specified Encoding error message with MSXML.

Original product version:   Microsoft XML
Original KB number:   304625


When you load a remote XML document from a Web server by using either XMLHTTP or XMLDocument::Load, you may receive the following error message:

System does not support the specified encoding.

This error is most prevalent when you use a Java-based middle-tier application framework.


As of version 2.6, MSXML passes all XML documents through Mlang.dll to verify their encoding. If Mlang.dll encounters a non-standard encoding string, it returns an error.

'ISO8859_1' is the canonical representation of the Latin-1 character encoding string in the Java language and class libraries. The standard that is defined by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, however, is 'ISO-8859-1', which is not an accepted alias.


To resolve this problem, do either of the following:

  • Change the character encoding string in the relevant Java server environment from 'ISO8859_1' to 'ISO-8859-1'.

  • Use IXMLDOMDocument::get_responseBody to retrieve the data as a raw buffer of bytes. If you are developing the application in Microsoft Visual C++, you may define an HGLOBAL handle for your data and use CreateStreamOnHGlobal to make processing the data easier.


For more information, see Character Sets.