How to fix runtime errors in Internet Explorer


The retired, out-of-support Internet Explorer 11 desktop application has been permanently disabled through a Microsoft Edge update on certain versions of Windows 10. For more information, see Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement FAQ.

A runtime error is a software or hardware problem that prevents Internet Explorer from working correctly. Runtime errors can be caused when a website uses HTML code that's incompatible with the web browser functionality.

Original product version:   Internet Explorer
Original KB number:   822521

Which runtime error do you need to fix

The solution to runtime error messages in Internet Explorer is different depending on the type of runtime error that you receive.

This article provides a resolution only for the following error message:

A Runtime Error has occurred.
Do you wish to Debug?
Line: line number
Error: nature of script error

Screenshot of the Runtime Error message box.

Screenshot of the Webpage Error message box, stating Do you want to debug this webpage.


Because this type of error message doesn't apply to you, you can prevent it from appearing. To do so, follow these steps in Internet Explorer:

  1. Select the Tools button, and then select Internet Options. Or, press ALT+T, and then press O.

  2. In the Internet Options dialog box, select the Advanced tab.

  3. Select the Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable script debugging (Other) check boxes. Then clear the Display a notification about every script error check box.

    Screenshot of the Internet Options window. Under Advance tab, the three check boxes are set.

  4. Select OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.

Test the resolution

To see whether the problem is fixed, open or refresh the Web site that caused the error.

  • If the Web site displays and works correctly, and if the runtime error message doesn't reappear, then you're finished. You may still receive a notification about the Web page error in the Internet Explorer status bar. However, you can just ignore the Web page error. If this computer has multiple users, you might also need to sign in as another user and repeat these steps for other users.

  • If the Web site still doesn't display or work correctly, the problem may be with the Web site itself. But to test it, either you must have access to another computer, or your computer must be set up for multiple users. If you have access to another computer, try to view the page from that other computer. If your computer is set up for multiple users, sign in as another user, and then try to view the page again.

If the Web site still doesn't display or work correctly, the problem is likely with the Web page itself. So you might want to contact the owner of the Web page to ask them to fix the problem.