ClickOnce can't be used in Windows Terminal Server

This article explains why ClickOnce can't be used to deploy applications on Windows Terminal Servers.

Original product version:   .NET Framework
Original KB number:   2020945


ClickOnce can't be used to deploy applications on any Windows Terminal Servers including 2008 and 2008 R2.


This is because of a limitation within the Windows Terminal Server remoting functionality.

This is a limitation regardless of how the ClickOnce deployment is initiated include clicking on the deployment URL from within a standard Terminal Server session or using the Start a program on the Programs tab in the Remote Desktop Connection (MSTSC).


ClickOnce apps aren't supported as RemoteApps.

More information

While it might be possible to get a ClickOnce application to deploy on some of the older operating systems this functionality hasn't been tested and could be adversely affected by future operating system service packs.