Find error codes

When an Azure resource deployment fails using Azure Resource Manager templates (ARM templates) or Bicep files, an error code is received. This article describes how to find error codes so you can troubleshoot the problem. For more information about error codes, see common deployment errors.

Error types

There are three types of errors that are related to a deployment:

  • Validation errors occur before a deployment begins and are caused by syntax errors in your file. A code editor like Visual Studio Code can identify these errors.
  • Preflight validation errors occur when a deployment command is run but resources aren't deployed. These errors are found without starting the deployment. For example, if a parameter value is incorrect, the error is found in preflight validation.
  • Deployment errors occur during the deployment process and can only be found by assessing the deployment's progress in your Azure environment.

All types of errors return an error code that you use to troubleshoot the deployment. Validation and preflight errors are shown in the activity log but don't appear in your deployment history. A Bicep file with syntax errors doesn't compile into JSON and isn't shown in the activity log.

To identify syntax errors, you can use Visual Studio Code with the latest Bicep extension or Azure Resource Manager Tools extension.

Validation errors

Templates are validated during the deployment process and error codes are displayed. Before you run a deployment, you can identify validation and preflight errors by running validation tests with Azure PowerShell or Azure CLI.

An ARM template can be deployed from the portal. If the template has syntax errors, you'll see a validation error when you try to run the deployment. For more information about portal deployments, see deploy resources from custom template.

The following example attempts to deploy a storage account and a validation error occurs.

Screenshot of a validation error in the Azure portal for a storage account deployment attempt.

Select the message for more details. The template has a syntax error with error code InvalidTemplate. The Summary shows an expression is missing a closing parenthesis.

Screenshot of a validation error message in the Azure portal, showing a syntax error with error code InvalidTemplate.

Deployment errors

Several operations are processed to deploy an Azure resource. Deployment errors occur when an operation passes validation but fails during deployment. You can view messages about each deployment operation and each deployment for a resource group.

To see messages about a deployment's operations, use the resource group's Activity log:

  1. Sign in to Azure portal.

  2. Go to Resource groups and select the deployment's resource group name.

  3. Select Activity log.

  4. Use the filters to find an operation's error log.

    Screenshot of the Azure portal's resource group activity log, emphasizing a failed deployment with an error log.

  5. Select the error log to see the operation's details.

    Screenshot of the activity log details in the Azure portal, showing a failed deployment's error message and operation details.

To view a deployment's result:

  1. Go to the resource group.

  2. Select Settings > Deployments.

  3. Select Error details for the deployment.

    Screenshot of a resource group's deployments section in the Azure portal, displaying a link to error details for a failed deployment.

  4. The error message and error code NoRegisteredProviderFound are shown.

    Screenshot of a deployment error summary in the Azure portal, showing the error message and error code NoRegisteredProviderFound.

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