Implement Cloud Adoption Framework enterprise-scale landing zones in Azure

Does your business require an initial implementation of landing zones? And do these landing zones need fully integrated governance, security, and an operations control plane from the start? With the following examples, you can use the Azure portal or infrastructure as code to set up and configure your Azure environment. It's also possible to transition between the portal and infrastructure as code (recommended) when your organization is ready.

Reference implementation

The following table lists example reference implementations based on the recommended enterprise-scale architecture.

Example deployment Description GitHub repo Deploy to Azure
Enterprise-scale foundation The suggested foundation for enterprise-scale adoption. Example in GitHub Dta-button-wingtip
Enterprise-scale hub and spoke Add a hub and spoke network module to the enterprise-scale foundation. Example in GitHub Dta-button-adventureworks
Enterprise-scale Virtual WAN Add a Virtual WAN network module to the enterprise-scale foundation. Example in GitHub Dta-button-Contoso
Enterprise-scale for small enterprises Add a hub and spoke network architecture for small organizations. Example in GitHub Dta-button-treyresearch
Enterprise-scale for Azure Government Reference implementation that can be deployed to Azure Government and includes all options in a converged portal experience. Example in GitHub Dta-button-azuregov

Each reference implementation deploys platform resources to the selected target environment. Deployment details and an overview of the deployed resources can be found using the GitHub link in the table above.

Next steps

These examples provide an easy deployment option to support continued learning for the enterprise-scale approach. Before you use these examples in a production version of enterprise-scale, review the enterprise-scale architecture.