Intelligent Insights in Business Central Online

As a user of Business Central online, you have full access to scenarios that are based on the intelligent cloud, such as KPIs that are based on machine learning, or when you view your data in Power BI.

However, if you use Business Central on-premises, you do not have access to the same insights. If you want to benefit from online scenarios, you must migrate to Business Central online. For more information, see Migrating On-Premises Data to Business Central Online in the administration content for Business Central.

Viewing Insights in Business Central Online

In Business Central online, the Intelligent Cloud Insights page shows four key points of interest for most businesses:

  • Cash availability
  • Sales profitability
  • Net income
  • Inventory value

Next to the KPI charts, you get insights into potential areas of concern, including overdue payments. Choose each insight to drill into the data.

Intelligent cloud insights.

The page also connects to Power BI for even more insights. Optionally, connect to Azure AI for even more intelligent insights. For more information, see The Sales and Inventory Forecast Extension.

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