Configuring a Business Central Database for Read Scale-Out

INTRODUCED IN: Business Central 2020 release wave 1

In the Business Central Online service, read scale-out is readily available and automatically enabled on the databases.

For Business Central on-premises, you must do the following steps:

  1. Check whether your database supports read scale-out.

  2. Enable read scale-out on the database.

    If the Business Central database runs on Azure SQL Database, determine whether the performance tier of the database supports read scale-out. You can then enable it if it's supported. For more information, see Use read-only replicas to load-balance read-only query workloads in the Azure SQL Database documentation.

    If the Business Central database runs on SQL Server, determine whether your installation supports read scale-out and how to enable the feature. For more information, see Configure read-only routing for an Always On availability group in the SQL Server documentation.

  3. Enable SQL read-only replica support on the Business Central Server instance.

    Business Central Server includes the Enable SQL Read-Only Replica Support (EnableSqlReadOnlyReplicaSupport) setting. This setting isn't enabled by default. For more information, see Configuring Business Central Server.

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