Creating Cost Budgets

Budgeting in cost accounting resembles budgeting in the general ledger. A cost budget is created based on cost types just as a budget for the general ledger is created based on general ledger accounts.

A cost budget is created for a certain period of time, for example, a fiscal year. You can create as many cost budgets as needed. You can create a new cost budget manually, or by importing a cost budget, or by copying an existing cost budget as the budget base. For more information, see Create G/L Budgets.

You use the following pages to create and analyse cost budgets. Choose the Lightbulb that opens the Tell Me feature. icon to find a page, and then read the tooltip for each.

To See
Transfer budgets from the general ledger. Copy G-L Budget to Cost Acctg. batch job
Copy cost budgets. Copy Cost Budget batch job
Allocate budgets. Cost Allocation page
See cost budget registers and cost budget entries. Cost Budget Registers page
Print cost budget comparisons using various reports. Cost Acctg. Balance-Budget report

Cost Acctg. Statement-Budget report

Cost Budget by Cost Centre report

Cost Budget by Cost Object report

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