Project Management

In Business Central, you can perform common project management tasks, such as configuring a project and scheduling a resource, as well as providing the information needed to manage budgets and monitor progress. You can track machine and employee hours on the project by using time sheets. As a project manager, you have a good overview, not only of individual projects, but also of the allocation of employees, machinery and other resources being used in all projects.

Before you can use Business Central to manage projects, you must set up resources, time sheets, and projects. For more information, see Setting Up Project Management.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

To See
Create projects, assign project tasks, and prepare project planning lines. Create projects
Allocate resources to projects and manage resource prices. Use resources for projects
Create a time sheet with integrated project task and planning lines and post time sheet lines to a project journal. Use time sheets for projects
Budget for resources to be used in projects and compare actual item and resource usage to budgeted usage to improve the quality and cost efficiency of future projects. Manage Project Budgets
Review and record usage on various parts of your project, which is automatically updated as you modify and transfer information from project planning lines to project journals or project invoices for posting. Record Usage for Projects
Purchase supplies for a project, either on purchase orders or invoices, and record item and time usage. Manage Project Supplies
Learn about WIP (Work in Process), a feature that ensures correct financial statements and enables you to estimate the financial value of projects that are ongoing. Understanding WIP Methods
Post the consumption of materials, resources, and other expenses of project work in process (WIP) to monitor its financial value and to maintain correct financial statements even though you post project expenses before invoicing the project. Monitor Project Progress and Performance
Record project costs for resource usage, materials, and project-related purchases on an on-going basis and invoice the customer, either when the project is finished or according to an invoicing schedule. Invoice Project

Get started with projects

Project management is complicated enough in itself, and learning how to create projects and managing work in process in a new tool can be another complication. To help you get started with project management in Business Central, you can see a video about creating projects on the Business Central YouTube channel.

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