Tell Me FAQ

This article answers questions that our advanced users often ask about the Tell Me feature.

Are all actions from my current page discoverable in Tell Me?

No. Actions in parts, such as the Sales Lines part or FactBoxes, are not displayed in Tell Me.

Are the results in Tell Me filtered by permissions?

If the user does not have AccessByPermissions then actions are not displayed. However, pages and reports appear in the results but require that the user has permission to access them. A message will display if the user does not have permission to view the object.

Does Tell Me display content from my customisations or installed third-party extensions?

Actions, pages, and reports that originate from extensions are picked up by Tell Me. For technical information about how to make custom pages and reports discoverable, see Adding Pages and Reports to Search.

Page Search has evolved into Tell Me to help you get work done quickly. Page Search could only help you navigate to pages or reports. At a technical level, Tell Me is no longer based on the legacy MenuSuite concept.

I use on-premises Business Central. Does that include Tell Me?

You can use Tell Me in the on-premises Web Client to find actions, pages, and reports, but not apps and consulting services on AppSource.

Is Tell Me available for all form factors?

Tell Me is only available in the Web Client or Windows desktop app.

Does Tell Me give me help on how to use pages, reports, and other things?

No, but you can easily get this information from the Help pane. Just select the Help menu item (the question mark in the top-right corner) or select Ctrl+F1 on your keyboard. For more information, see Help pane.

Why don't I see a bookmark icon for my search results?

The bookmark icon is not displayed in the Tell Me window when personalisation is disabled for a user role.

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